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Install VMTools on Hyper-V guest

  • Hello all,

    Does Zerto have a preferred way of installing VMTools on a Hyper-V guest before a Hyper-V -> VMware failover?  I was able to successfully create an MSI transform and skip the check in the InstallUISequence step in addition to manually adding some missing driver files but I can’t imagine that Zerto expects customers to figure this out.

    Also, as there isn’t a vNIC during the initial boot, the designated IP in the VPG does not get set.  What is the procedure for setting this correctly?




    I am also interested in an answer on this.

    I just posted more information on this topic, here.

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    Anyone come up with a way to Re-IP properly?

    I don’t replicate cross-platform, but I had a similar concern over re-ip’ing when failing over. Specifically to me, I was trying to optimize the RTO, and when re-ip’ing, Zerto initiates a guest reboot. No way to turn that off. So I just changed my operations. I put all my servers on DHCP, put reservations in on both production and DR, so they would all have the correct IP in both locations. Now when I failover, they pick up their predictable address from my DR dhcp server, and I’m off and running. No reboot required.

    Not sure if that would work in your environment, but it worked for me, and your issue sounded similar enough, I thought I’d share my solution.

    Hope that helps.

    Alex hi

    I am trying to convert the .exe files for the vmare tools but I am not able to do it I mean there a lot of tools to convert to MSI but when done I cannot find the entries for “VM_CheckRequirements” from the sequence table “InstallUISequence.” that Harry posted here

    How to install VMware Tools into Hyper-V Guest

    so you have the MSI convertion tool or the Vmware tools for ESXi 6.5 Update 2?



    I think I did it

    following this other guide

    my issue was getting the MSI this way I got the whole MSI which included the parameter VM_CheckRequirements which needed to be removed


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