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Inflate Protected VMDK Disks

  • Can we safely inflate thin provisioned protected disks ? What happens to the VPG, and the recovery disks ?

    Can you elaborate more on what’s that you’re looking for?


    I have a VMFS datastore, which contains a mix of thin and thick provisioned disks, which all belong to one VM, which uses MS Storage Spaces to virtualize then into one large disk. The VM and all disks are contained in one large VPG.
    The data store runs low on space because the thin disks continually expand. To make capacity management easier, I want to inflate the thin disks – convert them from thin to thick. What happens to the Zerto VPG when I do this ? Is there any config change necessary ? I would not want to remove and recreate the VPG because the disk layout is both complex and very large so a delta sync pre seed would take a very long time. Thanks

    After changing a disk from thin to thick when editing a VPG, the VPG undergoes initial sync on the modified volumes,

    the Journal history will be purge & Zerto recreates the volume in the recovery site.  I hope this helps. Thanks, Kal

    Thanks Kal, it does.

    Am I right in thinking it won’t affect the VPG as a whole, in that all vols will resync – the the disk that was inflated ?


    That’s right Phil, only the inflated disk volume will be resync (initial sync) in the VPG.

    Thats awesome Kal, I’m all set to go. Thanks for confirming. Have a great Weekend.

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