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Hyper-V to vCenter failover DNS settings

  • Hello everybody,

    We are running Zerto 7.5 update 4 on our environment, and we use to to replicate VM’s from a Hyper-V environment to vCenter.

    Since it’s a cross-hypervisor replication, we set Guest OS customization as on and also set manual networks and IP’s.

    However, NIC DNS settings are nowhere to be found on the web interface, and it seems like in older version of Zerto those settings were available.

    This leads to the DNS settings of the NIC to be lost post failover.

    Basically insted of having the NIC set to manual DNS and to etc.. , it is set to automatic. This forces us to log into every VM and change the DNS settings back manually.


    Is there a way to set the DNS settings from the VPG/Zerto level?


    Thank you.

    Hi Psm,

    This is Kal from Zerto support.

    Are the VPG have the DNS suffix IP configured on it? Does your Hyper V VM’s have the VMware tools installed on it?

    Let me know if you’ve any other questions.

    Best regards,


    VMware tools are indeed installed on the VM’s, and the post failover VM boot up with the IP and default gateway settings on them. But without DNS settings.

    Not really sure what do you mean by DNS suffix at the VPG, as I don’t see that option while editing the VPG.




    If you edit the VPG, check under the NICs tab, select the VM name, and edit selected. You’ll see an option to enter your DNS server IP.

    Let me know If you don’t see the option.


    That’s extacly the issue.

    I don’t have that option.

    Here is a picture of what I do have under NIC settings:


    What am I missing here? Do newer Zerto versions don’t have that option? is there a different way to configure it?




    Thank you for your patience Nico.

    So, I was researching in my labs and crosschecking with my seniors. Came to find out that Zerto does not update DNS records out of the box (requires pre/post failover script). However, we do handle the update of the DNS server(s) being used by VMs running supported OS’s.

    However, I’m curious to know what do you see If you edit on NIC 1?

    Let me know..

    Thank you,

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