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Hyper-V test nic not available

  • I am replicating using Zerto and am unable to assign a test NIC for my failover testing. I have logical names assigned in SCVMM, they are not available in Zerto. I 1)edit the VPG, 2)go to edit default recovery settings, 3)go to the pull down for failover test network and only have one choice available. I do not know how to assign a shell network or get a test network to show up. Any advice would be helpful,

    Although there may be more people on the forum than available support personnel, I have not received a single response to my question. How is this better then regular support? If anyone has any insight to my question, please help.

    I had the same problem trying to add a test failover network to a hyper-v failover cluster.  I ended up needing to get into the properties of the cluster in scvmm and creating the virtual switch there before zerto would see it.  I did have to assign the test hyper-v switch to a physical adapter before scvmm would allow me to create the virtual switch for the cluster.

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