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HV ZVM to Clound Manager

  • This is just a general question, is it possible to connect source zvm (hyper-v) environment to Cloud Manager ZCC vSphere environment and replicate VM’s from HV to vSphere, or can this still only be done by connecting ZVM to ZVM ?


    Bar from Zerto here.


    While there is no problem adding a SCVMM site to ZCM as a cloud site for the purpose of having a central management point only (e.g. an enterprise managing their ZVMs from a central ZCM – Without any ZORGs), it’s not possible to use SCVMM resources within a ZORG. That is because ZCM is expecting resource pools, for which currently, there isn’t an equivalent in Hyper-v hosts.
    With that said, The architecture of ICDR with SCVMM is <b>not</b> supported.
    While the DRaSS architecture is supported.

    A ZVM that is directly managed by a ZCM must be a VMware vCenter Server or
    vCloud Director site.
    Sites that are managed by the ZVM can be either VMware vCenter Server or
    Microsoft SCVMM sites.

    Hi Bar, what about the other way around, having a ZORG of vsphere resources, and HV ZVM connecting to ZCC ?

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