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How to move Zerto manager to new Windows Server

  • I’m needing to move my Zerto manager off of a Windows Server 2008 machine onto a new Windows Server 2019 machine.  First, what are the steps to install the Zerto manager (is it just a fresh install?), and second, is there a way to migrate the existing VRAs to the new server so that I don’t have to go through the process of reseeding the backups again?  The server that I’m moving is on the production side of the backup, not the recovery side, if that makes a difference.

    Zerto version 6.5 U4.

    Their recommended method is to basically export everything and uninstall. Then install and import on the new server.


    You should be able to leave the recovery disks at the recovery site so you don’t have to reseed from scratch, but it does do a delta sync which can be lengthy depending on your environment.

    boggles my mind this is the only way massive issue tbh especially if you running a large environment

    I am planning to do this on Production side, not a huge environment but approx 30TB protected.  While the Delta Sync is running on the VPGs what options are there for recovery in the unfortunate event of DR during the delta sync?  Is the latest recovery point when the delta sync first starts?  Am I right that no new checkpoints are written during delta sync?  I’ve seen the delta sync run for many hours on our larger VPGs.

    Are there any concerns with migrating from a server with an older version of Zerto to one with the latest version? ie. 6.5 to 8.5 I’d like to think the export is generic enough that the version won’t matter but best to ask to be sure.

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