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Gerry Oconnor – Renaming of VM's in vCD

  • Hi,
    We have a customer who we have setup in vCD and we have setup an Zorg for them and created the VPG’s and all is working fine.
    However the customer has renamed the hostname of some of the servers. We want to rename the VM’s in vCD to reflect the new hostnames (and prevent a support nightmare!).
    My question is, if we rename the the VM’s in the vCD what effect will this have on Zerto replication. Will Zerto pick up the change and carry on without issue, or will it affect Zerto and will we need to remove and re-add the servers in Zerto VPG?


    Renaming a protected VM is supported by Zerto – no changes should be done on the VPG.


    OK, Thanks

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