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From hyper to VMware – no ip sync

  • Hi ,


    we are migrating an environment from hyper-v 2012 to vmware 6.7

    i’ve successfully create the ZVM and deployed the ZVRA

    i’ve also created the first two VPG , both with just 1 VM inside.

    trying to failover the first VPG (as a test) the machine is correctly powered on on the destination site (vmware) but there’s no NIC connected to them.

    in the documentation i saw that zerto should attach a e1000 nextwork adapter and copy the NIC configuration from the hyper-v side, is that correct?

    i’m missing something?


    You should install vmtools on your hyperv environment before moving?  This program won’t start on hyperv environment but will start as soon as you are on VMware side.


    e1000 adapter should works also without vmware tools , it’s only needed with VMXNET3 adapter.
    you think this could fix the problem?
    also,  failing over the VPG has not POWERRED OF the source machine , where can i found the cause?

    I am seeing things that are similar.  2012/2016 Hyper-V source.  trying to failover to VMware 6.5, and the nic settings are not coming over.  The nic is actually showing disconnected in some cases.  like VMware has it disconnected.  I’ve attempted to pre-install vmtools, and have the same results.

    You will need VMware tools pre-installed to do this. The VMXNET3 would be nice to have as well but you can adjust that when it lands on other side. You will need to add the second NIC for that part.

    For VMware tools, you will need to modify the MSI and remove the hardware check and there is no need to reboot once it is installed on the guest in  Hyper-V, those services are needed when it boots up on the VMware side.

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