Flip the direction of Replication, no initial sync

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    Good Afternoon,

    We are currently replicating one of our VMs to a separate ESXi host. It is a larger VM that took approximately 18 hours to fully replicate and catch up. We plan on powering down the original VM on host1 and failing-over to the replicated VM host2 as we need to move that VM off host1 anyhow. Are we able to flip the direction of the Replication so the data from host2 replicates to host1 without having to do the initial replication, or will we need to fully replicate all the data again?

    Hi there!

    When performing a Move or Failover Live operation, you are given the option to enable Reverse Protection for the VPG you are moving. This will set it so that the VPG will automatically begin replicating back to where it originated after the Move/FOL has been completed. There will be a sync operation perform after the Move/FOL, but it will only be a delta sync of any changes made during replication, not a complete Initial Sync.

    Does this answer your question?

    Sorry for the delay, that answers the question. Thank you!

    One last question, are we able to do Reverse Protection after the fact? We would want to do some testing on the fail over before overwriting the original VM if possible.

    Hello Eric,

    Elad from Zerto here.

    If you do not specify reverse protection, the VPG definition is kept with the status Needs Configuration and the reverse settings in the VPG definition are not set.
    Clicking EDIT VPG displays the Edit VPG wizard with the settings filled in, using the original settings for the virtual machines in the VPG from the original protected site, except for the volumes.
    To start replicating the virtual machines in the VPG, specify the disks to use for replication and optionally, make any other changes to the original settings and click DONE.

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