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ESXi 7u3 Compatibility Support Timeframe?

  • We need it.


    Thank you.

    New version release yesterday, 9U3 but still no support for ESXi 7 U3…  Very frustraiting.

    why would they support esxi 7.0u3 when it was pulled by vmware due to the huge number of issues?

    that was back in november if people have to roll back they should be directing this issue to vmware as Zerto would be testing against a now unreleased product.

    Saying this the 90 day validation is too long as it needs to be cut down to say 30 days.

    very urgent matter for our Customers

    thank you

    VMware has re-release ESXi 7u3 which means that OEM vendors are releasing it with their updates. Please make an accelerated effort to upgrade Zerto to allow for the newer version.

    /bump please update this is the version of vmware that repairs log4j. Its a big risk, and i feel a liability if zerto is preventing it

    I hat a discussion on it with the Support – and 90 Days is definitive too Long for be compatible with latest PATCH-Update !! 90 Days very long time for open security issues.

    The solution of Zerto: Downgrade the Cluster – ah, no… We need some Security patches in this version.

    My Solution for Zerto: Hurry up!!! 90 Days are not acceptable nowadays!!!


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