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ESXi 7u3 Compatibility Support Timeframe?

  • We need it.


    Thank you.

    Bump… whats ETA on this?

    ditto.   esp. as ESXi does not allow rollback once upgraded to 7.x due to differences in boot partitions

    Waiting for this as well. I accidentally upgraded from U2 to U3 yesterday on a host thinking it was just standard security patches. You can roll back to U2 by hitting Shift + R during ESXi boot, I rolled back this morning. U3 def doesn’t work with Zerto at the moment.

    Zerto say within 90 days of release.  Which I personally think is too long.

    9U2 was released just after vCenter/ESXi 7U3 so I am guessing they’ll have to release a patch that supports it.

    Too many issues with ESXi 7 Update 3 for me, I’m going to wait for ESXi 7U4.

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