Dependency on Adobe Shockwave Flash?

  • Due to upcoming EOL of Flash Player, that browser plug-in component will begin to be removed and black listed on any of our server and desktop platforms.  Therefore, I wanted to inquire which, if any of the ZVR products (ZVM, ZCM, Analytics, etc.) rely or have a dependency on Shockwave Flash player?





    Contara from Zerto Support.

    The current Zerto version ZCM, ZVM, and Analytics are no longer using Adobe Flash Player.

    Thank you.


    What is the current version?  I’ve searched the release notes for 7.5 and 8.0 and found no mention of “Adobe” or “Flash.”

    Hi Dustin,

    Guy from Zerto here.

    The current/latest versions of both ZVM and ZCM are 8.0U2.

    Flash hasn’t been used in either since at least version 4.0.

    Best regards,


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