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Connecting to External SQL Database

  • I am doing a new installation of Zerto using an external SQL database.

    The database is in a dedicated SQL cluster and using SQL Always On.

    During the Zerto installation at the point where the external SQL database information is to be added, the syntax provided by does not seem to be working when applying the information supplied by the DBA, which is a Listener (AGL) and a port.

    I tried using AGL:Port, AGL, SQL_Cluster\AGL:Port, SQL_Cluster\AGL, SQL_Cluster:Port, SQL_Cluster but no combination seems to be working – the right format should be AGL:Port_Number.

    Any help or idea on this matter will be appreciated.

    Hello Carlos,

    Contara from Zerto Support.

    I had searched these parameters “AGL:Port, AGL, SQL_Cluster\AGL:Port, SQL_Cluster\AGL, SQL_Cluster:Port, SQL_Cluster” in our database, Zerto documentations, and internal Zerto Forum, I do not receive the solution of your question.


    Page 22.

    This section is only telling you the parameters for the external SQL during Zerto installation.

    The SQL best practice dose mention about SQL cluster.



    Thank you.




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