Changing vCenters

  • We will be migrating ESXi cluster hosts from one vcenter to another. The old vcenter is 6.0 The new vcenter is v6.7U1. We also have a new ZVM that is configured for that vcenter and it is running v7.0U1.

    We currently have 15 VPGs configured. What is the best practice to move the environment into the new 7.0 version? My current plan is to remove the VPGs, unisntall the vRAs from the hosts. After moving the hosts into the new vcenter, we will install the vRAs back onto the hosts and re-create the VPGs int he ZVM 7.0.

    Is this the correct method? Is there an easier way to do this?

    We do not have the option to perform an in-place upgrade on the vcenter.

    Thank you


    Mike from Zerto here. The scenario you laid out are the steps you will need to take, as all of the MoRef IDs of the vCenter components will have changed when you migrate between vCenters (assuming you are not preserving the database from the previous vCenter). When the IDs change in that fashion, Zerto loses track of all of the components, and Zerto needs to be rebuilt on that site, so the steps you are planning on taking is what we would suggest.

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