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change the IP address of ZCM

  • We would like to change the IP address of ZCM so what’s the best practice for that is there any KB could you share with me?

    The change involves a manipulation of the ZCM DB, Please open a ticket and our support engineer will assist implementing with the needed.

    Currently no Knowledge Base articles or Zerto documentation exist on how to perform this action.

    It’s uncertain what effects this might have on the Zerto replication when changing the ZCM IP address or editing the DB with the new IP.

    I consulted with level 2 engineers about chaning the ZCM IP address, the response we received was “not supported” due to the uncertainty of what effects it might have on Zerto application.

    Their recommendation is, that in order to change the IP address of the ZCM, we should rebuild a new ZCM server and migrate the ZCM database following KB:

    Migrating A ZCM Database From One ZCM To Another


    Changing the IP of a ZCM is a simple task. Nothing special needs to be done to the ZVM database.  You can just change the ZCM IP through the VM OS like normal.
    ZCM <-> ZVM communications use an access code, and the ZVM doesn’t actually store the IP of the ZCM.  The exchanged access codes and register each other that way.

    This has not been officially tested by Zerto QA but has been tested by a several support engineers.

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