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How to Migrate a ZCM Database from one ZCM to Another

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An administrator for a cloud service provider may need to migrate settings from one Zerto Cloud Manager (ZCM) to a different VM. This can also be done between differing version of Windows, for example, Windows 2012 to Windows 2016.

NOTE: This procedure is not supported as a means of backup and recovery for an individual ZCM instance.


To migrate the ZCM database to a new ZVM server, follow the steps below:

  1. Snapshot the current ZCM VM.
  2. Copy the DB from the old ZCM VM (Located in \ProgramData\Zerto\Data).
  3. Paste the DB on the desktop of the new ZCM VM.
  4. Take a snapshot of the new ZCM VM.
  5. Take notes of the old ZCM VM network settings.
  6. Install the same ZCM version in the new ZCM VM.
  7. Turn the old ZCM VM off.
  8. Change the old ZCM VM's IP to another IP so you can use the current one on the new ZCM VM.
  9. Turn the new ZCM VM off and give it the old ZCM VM IP.
  10. Turn the new ZCM VM ON, Stop Zerto service.
  11. Replace the DB file in the new ZCM VM at the same location (Located in \ProgramData\Zerto\Data).
  12. Start the ZCM service.
  13. Open GUI and check the health of VPGs.
  14. If needed, copy the certificates from the old ZCM to the new ZCM (since they have the same IP) or create new ones following this KB.

NOTE: The IP of the ZCM VM is written to the ZCM DB, so it should not change.