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Migrating A ZCM Database From One ZCM To Another

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An administrator for a cloud service provider may need to migrate settings from one Zerto Cloud Manager (ZCM) to a different VM.


In order to migrate the settings from one ZCM to another VM, follow these steps:

  1. Stop the ZCM service on ZCM A.

  2. Copy ZCM.sdf from C:Program Files (x86)ZertoZerto Cloud Manager on ZCM A.

  3. Install ZCM on ZCM B.

  4. Stop ZCM service on ZCM B.

  5. Replace ZCM.sdf in C:Program Files (x86)ZertoZerto Cloud Manager on ZCM B with ZCM.sdf from ZCM A

  6. Start ZCM service on ZCM B.

Note that this procedure is not supported as a means of backup and recovery for an individual ZCM instance.