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Change IP address for VPG and VRA

  • Hello All,

    We planned to re-locate the existing site(VPG and VRA) and we will change the ip address as well. May know we need to redo / reconfigure the  VPG and Z-VRA for the host and redo the replication to DR site?

    Thank you.


    Hi Parker,

    Will you start to use a new vCenter and will you preseve the vCenter database? If you are going to have a new vCenter database, please refer to the following KB. https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/planning-to-recover-a-zerto-virtual-replication-installation-after-recreating-a-vcenter-database/
    If you only need to change the ZVM & VRA IP, please check out the following KB.
    If you are not willing to remove all the VPGs, please contact Zerto support for help to edit ZVM database for the new IP to avoid recreating the VPGs. However it doesn’t work when the ZVM is managed by a ZCM(Zerto cloud manager).
    For VRA IP change you can simply update the IP address for the VRAs in the ‘Setup’ tab in the ZVM GUI.


    May i know it is possible to update the IP address via VRA Linux OS directly?




    As updating VRA IP also involving changing the VRA info in the ZVM database, it’s not recommend to do it via VRA Linux OS directly.

    Hi Lau

    Omer for zerto here.

    As this seems to turn to be a specific Tech problem I would recommend opening a case for our support team to investigate and provide you a solution/answer.

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