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AWS Zimporter version 5.5

  • Is there any documentation/ how to guides for selecting the new Import methods? Also Zerto states that recovery times are faster than the standard AWS API – do you have any test results/data you can share showing the decrease in time?



    Hi Rakesh,

    It should be covered in the 5.5 documentation’s “AWS Administration Guide”.


    I’m not aware of any area where we state that we are faster than the standard AWS API. We do state that we are faster than our previous AWS Import method, that used a combination of APIs. Can you point me to the statement you are referencing?


    Hi Everyone, I'm the new(ish) chief evangelist for Zerto. I'll be the first to admit that I have an addiction to startups with cool technology and I love my current day job :-). Seriously, if there was an AA equivalent for startups, I'd be finding myself at those meetings rather quickly! My background is all technical in nature. In past lives I've been a senior VMware instructor, VMware design consultant, cloud architect, NetApp engineer, etc, etc. Most recently I came from SimpliVity where I was a director in the Office of the CTO. I've got a slew of fancy letters behind my name from various certs (really good test taker here). If there is anything I can do to enhance or otherwise help make your Zerto journey as amazing as possible please don't hesitate to ask! As much as I am an evangelist from Zerto to the world and amazing customers, I am also an evangelist for those same people back to the internal folks we have here at Zerto. Anything I can do to help please let me know. Enjoy the Journey My Friends. :-) --Sekora "Know the rules well, so that you may break them effectively." Dalai Llama XIV

    Hi, ok thanks, I misunderstood the reference below from the user guide.

    AWS Recovery Improvements
    ■ Improved AWS recovery automation greatly increases the speed of recovering applications to AWS with up to 12x faster
    recovery times (RTO) in AWS. This makes it even easier to utilize the public cloud for Disaster Recovery, or for testing and
    development on a near real-time replica environment

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