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AWS Native Export

  • Interesting read here on native export limitations of AWS.  I wonder how much of this plays into utilizing Zerto (in the future) for the anti Hotel California effect and successfully exporting VMs from Amazon?


    You can only export Amazon Ec2 instances that have been imported.
    You cannot export Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) data volumes.
    You cannot export an instance that has more than one virtual disk.
    You cannot export an instance that has more than one network interface.


    That is an interesting read.

    For the primary use cases of actual DR protection and migrations, being able to export the Instances should very useful since Zerto would have coordinated the import for those specific Instances.

    Also, AWS has new features upcoming specifically for Importing and Exporting, so they are adding more capability to those features since they are gaining in popularity and use.

    Senior Technical Architect at Zerto
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