Automating ZVR vCenter Alarms

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    With our recent blog post in regards to automating vCenter alarms we wanted to open this up for feedback and questions you may have.

    For those interested in a script please let us know and we will send you a link to the download.

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    Came across your blog and thank you.  I was looking to setup something my self as I am currently doing it manually.

    Please send the ZIP file.  Without seeing the code the only current question I have is how easy would it be to use the script to add SNMP along with email?




    Hi Jason,

    We’ve sent you a link to the download. In regards to your question about SNMP, setting up SNMP triggers for the in vCenter is possible to automate.

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    Can you send me the link to download the script please? Would like to customize the alert settings in bulk.



    Hi Ganesh,

    A link to the download has been sent to you.


    Thank you,


    Hi Shaun,


    could you please provide ZIP file fro automation you mentioned?


    Thank you


    Can I get the link to the script file as well?

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    Hi Everyone,

    The example files can now be found on GitHub at the following location:

    Thank you,

    Good Morning,

    Please send the link for the download.



    Thanks a lot for the scripts and examples!!

    is there any scripts similar for sending traps to integrate these alerts with our central monitoring platform?


    Hi Shaun,


    Could you please provide ZIP file for automation that you mentioned?


    Thank you


    The automation example can be found on GitHub at the following location:


    Thank you,


    Could you provide a download link for the script and a sample alert profile CSV?

    Thank you.

    Please send me the download link.

    How safe is this script?  Any concerns with the versions of Zerto or the version of Vcenter?

    I would also be interested in the zip, thanks.

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