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Automated failover test reports

  • Hello,

    i like to perform automated failover tests every six month via the rest api. After successful failover test i like to send the owner of the VPG  a report with the failover test summary. When I use the GUI there is a point where i can do this step manualy after every failover test. Is there any solution to do this via the rest api?

    Greetings Jonathan

    6.5U2 now contains the Recovery Report API which will allow you to pull the failover test results.

    Hi Benjamin,

    It is not currently possible to pull or send the recovery reports via the API.  You could use the Events API to pull the description of each failover test and send that information to the owner.


    Hi Tim,

    thank you for your response. Do you know if there are any known bugs regarding the recovery report api?

    I mean exacly regarding to the filter options.

    I am not aware of any bugs with the Recovery Report API.  All sites must be on 6.5 U2 or later for full functionality.

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