• Just updated to 6.7 Update 3 which just released – but looks like Zerto doesn’t support it?? How can I fix?

    You have to downgrade vCenter.  Zerto takes up to 90 days from the vCenter release date to put out a compatible patch/upgrade.

    We are starting the validation of vSphere 6.7U3 in our QA labs.  I will update here on progress in validation.

    Amy Mitchell

    Zerto Product Manager


    does zerto actually work on update 3 though but just not supported?

    doesnt seem appropriate that we have to wait 3 months without being able to apply critical patches.





    @Mark:  ZVM will notify you:  “VRA cannot be registered to host your.esx.host.domain. Host component failed to load. Unsupported ESX: : ESX 67 update 3”

    What Zerto version are you on?

    It would be worthwhile to try the supported_updates.txt trick to see if it will take. I’ve used this numerous times to get past the supposed incompatibility with prior versions. https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/updating-a-zvm-to-support-zerto-approved-host-releases-prior-to-a-full-zvr-update/


    Please let us know if it works as I’m very curious but don’t have that version of vsphere to test against.

    Thanks Ron, this did work for us on the one host that got upgraded via VUM to 6.7 update 3.

    Hi All,

    our QA team is continuing to test vSphere 6.7 U3.  We have found an issue in testing and we are working to resolve it as soon as possible.  I’ll keep you updated here on our progress.

    Amy Mitchell

    Zerto platform product manager

    Hi Amy

    are you able to share what the issue is so we can be aware?




    Hi All,

    We found an issue in handing hardware version 15 hosts.  Hardware version 15 was introduced on vSphere 6.7U2.  We are continuing to validate vSphere 6.7 U3.

    Amy Mitchell

    Zerto Product Manager

    We just purchased a 40 VM solution from Zerto and I am in the initial stages of the install.

    I am in the process of setting up a new vCenter environment as I have ESXi 6.7 in production and ESXi 6.5 in DR and the Embedded PSC does not work for linked VCSA in my environment. I have setup external PSC’s and linked the vCenter 6.7 U3 servers, the environment is now ready to configure and migrate, I have added the second VCSA in the DR site in order to better support the new Zerto implementation. Please advise should I downgrade the entire environment or is there a workaround.


    Don Slade, IT Director

    National Housing Compliance





    @Ron: 7.0 Update 1 Patch 1. We tried this but it seems the file reverts back (we changed “ESX_67 2” with “ESX_67 3”) and we still end up with unsupported ESX. We stopped the ZVM service, made the change, and restarted service. Checked console and it shows correct. The VRA never goes green. We restarted both the VRA and ZVM. We observed the supported_updates.txt file reverts back to “ESX_67 2”


    I upgraded our Vcenter/ESX without checking that it would change the release to 6.7u3 and now Zerto is not working too. Is there an ETA for the 6.7u3 patch for Zerto 7?

    I could rollback the ESXi hosts, would this be enough or is the Vcenter version checked too?


    we are in the same boat, we were updating our hosts and we had one left to do which happened to be the day that VMware released update 3 and we were unaware that we were upgrading to u3.  Vmware has a rollback option but that was not successful and rebuilding the server is not really an option as it’s a vsan host.

    I really wish that vmware would release the “updates” more as an upgrade and keep supporting the current update path for a while after the release.  Now i can’t do any updates untill zerto comes up to 6.7 u3 compatibility.


    Zerto, assuming that we are not upgrading to hardware 15 i assuming the risk is pretty minimal at this point as you guys have been testing this for 3 weeks?  Now that it’s been 21 days i am really wanting to get this host back online.  I am debating about upgrading vcenter to u3 so that some nasty vsan errors clear up and then removing anything zerto from this host until zerto officially supports it?

    I also have the same question as Daniel, if i upgrade vcenter will zerto also complain about that?  will i run into the same issue as Daniel did where that file kept reverting back when he tried to override the compatibility file?

    @Daniel N: strange, I just tried it and it works , VRA’s are back up and VPG’s resynchronizing. I am aware this is unsupported until the official patch is released, but at least it works and we’re not yet in production. Did you go to Menu-> Site settings -> Compatibility just after changing the txt file? I did that, 6.7U3 was then displayed and it worked.

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