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ZVM importance



    What are the best practices for HA for ZVM ?

    I was wondering, the vcenter 6.5 has HA, what about ZVM? it is mission critical component that must have sort of business continuity itself, doesn’t it?

    Hi Chen,

    Yes, we do have some “HA” built in. Let me explain:

    If something happens to the Zerto environment (ie. the ZVM crashes, a host gets lost and takes with it a VRA, the WAN connection between sites goes down, etc.) that prevents Zerto components from communicating with one another, Zerto will stop sending checkpoints to the target site.  However, this does NOT mean that Zerto is no longer replicating.  During this time, Zerto will go into a bitmap sync and begin storing changes within the VRA.  Once the components can communicate again (host gets back online, WAN connection gets restored, ZVM becomes available again, etc.) Zerto will continue its bitmap and sync the changes that occurred during that time.  Once the sync is complete, operations will resume as normal.

    Hope this helps

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