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Zerto VPG "Execute PS script"

  • I am trying to execute a Powershell Script Pre or Post recovery ideally Post, but really im trying to figure out the syntax required to launch a script.

    In the Pre/Post Script config in the VPG there is command to runn and parramaters, i have tried multiple combinations to try to invoke a powershell script on the ZVM to not success. I can run these script manually with powershell on the ZVM’s i tested that prior to attempting to integrate the script into the VPG.

    Does anyone have the correct syntax to execute a script from a VPG?

    I assumed this isnt much different than using task scheduler in windows, but it seems t require a specific combination to launch a script, any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi Dan,

    Have you checked the Admin guide under “Running Scripts Before or After Recovering a VPG?” This may lead you in the right direction. Another great source if our “Automating ZVR with PowerShell and REST APIs” Whitepaper located in the documentation center as well.

    Additionally, check out the conversation here for more help: https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/forums/topic/update-vm-dns-after-failover/

    Hope this helps! (ok, yes, I’ve realized that you started and participated in the thread I just linked you to….haha. But, this question here was also posted before that conversation finished. Let me know if you are already all set or if this current topic still needs attention.)



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