Zerto support Hyper-v raw disks

  • Does Zerto support replication of Hyper-v raw disks assigned to a virtual machine?


    By Raw Disks, do you mean Pass-Through Disks? Unfortunately, per the Hyper-V User Guide, Zerto cannot protect virtual machines with pass-through disks. Also, a Hyper-V host with a pass-through disk is ignored by the Zerto Virtual Manager.

    Does this information answer your question?

    Hi Matthew, does this mean Virtual Fiber Channel disks on a Hyper-V Virtual Machine are not supported either?



    After investigating our documentation and older cases, I haven’t found anything evidence that Zerto doesn’t support vFC. We support nearly every storage protocol as long as they present the disks at the hypervisor layer. Of course, if you do ever run into any issues, support is available to assist you.

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    Thanks again Matthew.  Virtual fiber channel disks are not visible in the hypervisor layer.  The only thing visible in the settings of the VM are the fiber channel adapters.

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