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Zerto Move Changes Veeam moref #

  • We are moving some VMs from one datacenter to another.  Using the Zerto Move function we are finding that the moref # in Veeam changes and we have to recreate the entire Back Up in Veeam which makes previous back ups useless.  Is there a way around this in Zerto move option?

    This is a big problem for us as well and is one reason why we can’t do a real failover test. I have asked both Veeam and Zerto about this, and there doesn’t seem to be a solution to this problem at the moment. It’s a pretty big restriction. Having to redo all your backups after a failover is a massive pain and duplicates the amount of data you have to maintain.

    Is this really a Zerto\Veeam problem? Or is this the case ANY time a VM is restored from a backup vendor? Expect the latter. Do not believe there to be a way around this currently.

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