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ZERTO do not see Linux VMs on Hyper-V

  • Good day all,

    i’m evaluating the ZERTO to convert from Hyper-V 2k12 GEN-1 based VMs to VMware. It is mostly working fro Windows OS, using the VMware tools and adding the SCSI diver/KeyReg enable.

    Now with Linux i’m facing issues as the VMs are not showing up on the VPG configuration. While on the RH part of the check, i’ve seen the SCSI secondary disk is using hyper-v driver from redhat kernel base, while the primary of course it is the IDE.

    How do i let the ZERTO find the VM ?

    Of course SCVMM is working well and i see the VMs entirely on the SCVMM console.

    Thank you.


    Have you reached out to Zerto support? They can look into why we are masking some of the VM’s. Chances are there is something about them that Zerto doesn’t like.

    I had the same issue, but it’s the IDE drive causing Zerto not to see the VM.  Options are : convert the IDE to SCSI, but this might cause the Linux OS to completely crash.
    We created an OVF to then deploy it to the VMware stack.

    Hello Michele,

    Please let us know if you still need assistance. We can get Zerto support involved as needed to assist you.





    Hello All,

    thank you for the support.

    yes, i’ve solved it with the help of the Zerto Supprot Team.

    The problem look to be around  Hyper-V ZVM which is having issues to collect reflections from the SCVMM

    1. Apply these tweaks on Hyper-V ZVM:


    To apply these tweaks, do the following:
    Open the tweaks.txt file located at C:\Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\tweaks.txt
    Add the two lines above, each on their own separate line.
    Save tweaks.txt.
    Restart the ZVM service on the Hyper-V site.
    Give the system 20-30 minutes once back online to confirm the status of the environment.


    Thank you.



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