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Zerto Analytics – Not working through proxy

  • I’ve set up access to a proxy server on our private network so analytics information should post through that, successfully tested the connection using POSTMAN.  The Proxy logs show the test, I turned on the “Enable Zerto SAAS applications….” option, but no data being sent upstream to Zerto cloud.  Proxy logs show no attempts.




    This is Kalsang form Zerto.

    I’m not sure how the proxy set up plays a part in fetching data from zerto analytics.

    However, you may be interested in learning how it can be achieved by learning how analytics works and how Zerto Analytics Secure Architecture is on Page 24


    I hope that helps you get some insights.

    Best regards,

    It looks like there’s no data flowing from the ZVM to the Zerto cloud. The problem is getting data TO the upstream servers. Doing a test POST I get a “success message” and it logs in the proxy, but the ZVM doesn’t seem to be reaching out, even though the
    “Enable Zerto SaaS applications including Zerto Analytics, Cloud Control, and Mobile App. check box is selected.”


    How about without using a proxy, do you still not see analytics reports from the ZVM?

    Our environment requires a proxy, no internet access. Again, a POST is successful as described in the following document…

    Problem Zerto Analytics Dashboard Doesn’t Contain Data

    The proxy logs show the connection through the proxy on the post, but nothing seems to come from the ZVM otherwise.

    Hello Dean,


    Seeing the information already provided, this would require a support case to investigate further. Please open a case at your convenience and a support engineer will work with you to identify your issue.


    Thank you,


    Was there a follow up and resolution to this?

    We have the same issue, but we’re trying to connect to S3 as a repository from an Onsite Hyper-V setup.

    Our environment:

    – provides and requires a proxy (Through a McAfee Proxy appliance)
    – no gateway routed access to the Internet
    – no public DNS
    – the AWS CLI works with the proxy, so does “S3 Browser.”
    – The Zerto Virtual Backup Appliance, based on Ubuntu/Debian, can even use the proxy. It’s literally the Zerto Application that sits on the VBA that is not proxy aware.
    – This is testing Zerto 9.5 for Hyper-V on Windows 2012 R2 servers.

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