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Zerto Analytics Dashboard doesn’t contain data – Issue is affecting all users

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Root Cause

  • Data is not successfully sent to Zerto due to a configuration or a network issue.
  • The user is not verified correctly in MyZerto.
  • Invalid license: inactive license, expired license.


A user may encounter a blank screen when trying to use Zerto’s Analytics.


ZVM Configuration 

Validate that the ‘Enable Zerto SaaS application including Zerto Analytics, Cloud Control, and Mobile app.’ Checkbox is selected. This checkbox is accessed from the ZVM application under Settings > About.

Network issues:

Verify the connection between the ZVM and Zerto’s Analytics Servers:
  • Download a REST API client on the ZVM machine (for example Postman or Insomnia are 2 free API clients available to download from the internet)
  • Create a new PUT request with no body nor headers while setting the URL to ‘
  • Send the request
  • You should see a ‘Success!’ message along with a timestamp indicating a successful connection between the ZVM and Zerto Analytics’ servers.


Please review ' How to set up proxy with Zerto'  and verify that the proxy is configured


Please validate that the license key in use is valid. 

Contact support 

If the issue persist please submit a support case while including the following information:
  • The license key in use.
  • A screenshot of a ‘Success!’ API Client response from Zerto’s Analytics Servers.
  • A screenshot of the blank Analytics Screen. including the MyZerto user configuration