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Problem with Zerto Analytics Dashboard Does Not Contain Data

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A user is missing data in their analytics. To troubleshoot the issue, see the Resolution section and follow steps.

Root Cause

  • Data is not successfully sent to Zerto due to a configuration or a network issue.

  • The user is not verified correctly in MyZerto.

  • Invalid license: inactive license, expired license.


A user may encounter a blank screen when trying to use Zerto’s Analytics.


ZVM Configuration:

Validate that the ‘Enable Zerto SaaS application including Zerto Analytics, Cloud Control, and Mobile app.’ Checkbox is selected. This checkbox is accessed from the ZVM application under Settings > About.

Confirm version is of at least 7.0 Update 1 for the given site.

Network issues:

Verify the connection between the ZVM and Zerto’s Analytics Servers:

  • Download a REST API client on the ZVM machine (for example Postman or Insomnia are 2 free API clients available to download from the internet)

  • Create a new PUT request with no body nor headers while setting the URL to ‘

  • Send the request

  • You should see a ‘Success!’ message along with a timestamp indicating a successful connection between the ZVM and Zerto Analytics’ servers.


Please review ' How to set up proxy with Zerto'  and verify that the proxy is configured


Please validate that the license key in use is valid. 

Contact Support:

If the issue persist please submit a support case while including the following information:

  • The license key in use.

  • A screenshot of a ‘Success!’ API Client response from Zerto’s Analytics Servers.

  • A screenshot of the blank Analytics Screen. including the MyZerto user configuration