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Z-VRA’s unable to Power on

  • Hi Team,

    looking for your assistance, in fixing this issue.  In a cluster ( vCenter – Esxi ) under 2 hosts we are unable install Z-VRA’s,  after spinning them they are trying to deploy, later some time unsuccess full and automatically deleted.

    Precaution Steps taken :

    Reboot the hosts couple of times.

    In the cluster 2 hosts are one Hardware Generation and 2 are another.

    Error : All required agent virtual machines are not currently deployed on host ‘hostname‘.

    Followed multiple VMware KB’s to fix this, but unsuccessful.

    Our vCenter Version 7. X ; Esxi Version 6.5 U3



    Did you upgrade ZVM to 9.5? It won’t work with ESXi 6.5.


    VMware vSphere – Support Matrix (zerto.com)


    VRA version is 9.0.41

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