Will Zerto work with vVols?

  • Nobody is using vVols yet, but when people do start to use it (after 6 update 1?) will Zerto work with it?l

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    They are definitely in the near-future roadmap.

    ZVR versions (3.5 U7 and 4.0) support vSphere 6.0, but do not support VVOLS.   VVOL support will be added later on in one of our product updates after we are satisfied with complete test cycles on supported VVOLS hardware.

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    I’m anticipating the use of vVols with production VMs in the near term and Zerto compatibility will be crucial for DR plans. I’m looking forward to seeing this in action!

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    I realize this is nitpicking, but just thought I’d share this related article by Eric Siebert:
    and I was able to confirm this capitalization, VVol / VVols, with my VMware contacts as well.

    Great question and answer in this thread, and nice new site, Zerto!

    Thanks Paul 🙂

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    What you’re saying is… it’s NOT Wols.



    Any news on this?

    Just checking on the status of VVol support?

    Soooooooooooo, where are we at on this?

    Hi Daniel

    We are considering vVols for our roadmap in the future.  Please be sure to vote on this feature on the feature requests page https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/support/feature-requests/.  <i></i>

    Amy Mitchell

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    Thanks for getting back to me, Amy.

    Isn’t that what Shannon S. said (see previous comments in this thread) 3 years ago?

    Hi Daniel,

    we have had a light level of requests for this from customers.  We are continuing to build a strong enough business case to move this to the top of our backlog for engineering.  It would help to get your vote on this feature request.


    Bump.  According to Interop Matrix dated Nov2018 it’s still not supported.  Feature request voted with details.

    Thank you for the information on the vVols feature request.  This is helpful in prioritizing the feature on our roadmap.

    Amy Mitchell

    Zerto Product Manager

    I hope VVOls can be place on the roadmap soon, as we have been waiting for this feature for almost 2 years and still are hearing that it should be somewhere in the future, can we get a real date, VVols are becoming a standard practice and is boradly supported by san vendors and other. When I purchased Zerto 2 years ago I was already running VVols, now I am able to still protect some load of machine even if they are vvols as long as the destination drive is on a vmfs store. But it would be nice to finally be able to use this to it’s full potential!


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