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When do you need a new ZVM?

  • So I have three vCenters with a ZVM in each.  I use it to replicate between three main sites.  I also have a few remote locations that I am going to start using on a temporary basis.  What determines whether or not you need a new ZVM?  These are hosts in a vCenter that already has a ZVM, but they are in different locations than those ZVMs.

    You only need 1 ZVM per vCenter. It doesn’t matter how many ESXi servers are managed by that vCenter, or what there physical location is.

    Example, you have Datacenter 1 which has a vCenter and a ZVM. You then have Office A and Office B, both each have a few ESXi servers, but are all managed by Datacenter 1’s vCenter. You can use that single ZVM to replicate to/from any of those locations.

    Hope that helps.

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