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vTPM Support

  • Hi all,

    Does Zerto support the protection of VMs with vTPMs?

    We are looking at using vTPM for a VM that we protect with Zerto. I have checked the compatibility matrix, and I see no reference as to if Zerto supports vTPM. The compatibility matrix does mention that VM encryption is not supported, and vTPM requires encryption of the .NVRAM file.


    Contara from Zerto Support.

    At this moment, Zerto does not support vTPM. We have been receiving many inquiries about vTPM and VM encryption and have placed it on our roadmap. I, unfortunately, do not have a release date on when it will be released.

    Thank you.


    Hi all,

    has anything changed? We are now a few versions further along.

    Is there any update on this?  I am not finding anything on the Zerto site about a vTPM enabled VM.  A follow up would be great.

    Do you have any update on this? Is this supported now by zerto?

    I would also like an update since we are doing a POC. Without this function we will have to pass on Zero as a solution.

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