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vSphere 7.0 U1 Support

  • Hello,


    Which version of Zerto supports vSPhere 7.0 u1?

    Thank you.

    Pedro Magalhães


    There is no supporting version yet.A new version will be released soon.

    Hi Sercan,

    Any updates about de support of ESXi 7.0 U1? We had to upgrade to the latest version because a know issue that caused the lost of all VMFS6 datastores on one host. The VM’s were still running, but things like vMotion and backup were not longer possible. We contacted VMware and they told us this was a know issue and that we had to upgrade to U1.

    Ok bummer, then Zerto is out of service until the update is released. A good example why we need as less as possible dependencies in our network. Like said, we had no choice we had to upgrade ESXi to solve an (known) issue.

    Any luck on a version of Zerto that can support ESX 7.0 u1?

    ESX 7.0 has been since April 2020 and 7.0u1 has been out since October 2020.

    Zerto’s policy of supporting within 90 days has been well and truly broken now and users are left waiting.

    After upgrading to 8.5u2 we still had the install loop with the ZVRA’s.   if we did the install and provided the host credentials everything installed as exptected.

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