vSAN policy

  • Hi folks,

    I am not seeing this part in the manuals, but perhaps you can help me out:

    I am looking into using Zerto to protect VMs in a vSAN cluster (vSAN 6.6.1 if it matters)
    Target for the replication will also be a vSAN cluster.

    How and where can I specify the SPBM/storage policy that is applied:

    • To the journal
    • The VMs after a failover
    • Can I distinguish between a test failover and a live failover for selecting a policy?
      • e.g. live failover will get policy X and a test failover policy y (e.g. with reduced FTT or different FTM).

    Or will Zerto automatically use the vSAN default policy for all items listed above?



    Hi Dominik,

    Sorry for the delayed response. While ZVR does work with VSAN, it doesn’t yet recognize the SBPM within. SBPM settings will hold true on the backend. For example, if you set a VPG to be thin provisioned on the recovery side, but VSAN specifies thick provisioning, the VSAN SBPM of thick provisioning will hold true and override the ZVR VPG setting.

    ZVR does with with storage policies withing vCD however, but I’m guessing you aren’t also using this on top.

    Hope this clarifies.


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    thanks a lot for your time replying to my question. Indeed I am not using vCD but plan to use two vCenter installations.

    Let me see if I understand this correctly:

    Basically a VPG (or the VMs within) will failover to the DR site and inherit the “vSAN default policy” (and whatever settings I apply here) as I cannot influence anything. If required I have to re-apply any custom policy if I need it?

    Unfortunately for me this sounds only manageable as long as each VM has only one policy assigned to it which I can re-apply in bulk. A more advanced setup  would be quite complex to handle :/


    FYI, I created a feature request for this  (Case # 00105685) as I found additional gotchas without SPBM support.

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