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vSAN policy

  • Hi folks,

    I am not seeing this part in the manuals, but perhaps you can help me out:

    I am looking into using Zerto to protect VMs in a vSAN cluster (vSAN 6.6.1 if it matters)
    Target for the replication will also be a vSAN cluster.

    How and where can I specify the SPBM/storage policy that is applied:

    • To the journal
    • The VMs after a failover
    • Can I distinguish between a test failover and a live failover for selecting a policy?
      • e.g. live failover will get policy X and a test failover policy y (e.g. with reduced FTT or different FTM).

    Or will Zerto automatically use the vSAN default policy for all items listed above?




    thanks a lot for your time replying to my question. Indeed I am not using vCD but plan to use two vCenter installations.

    Let me see if I understand this correctly:

    Basically a VPG (or the VMs within) will failover to the DR site and inherit the “vSAN default policy” (and whatever settings I apply here) as I cannot influence anything. If required I have to re-apply any custom policy if I need it?

    Unfortunately for me this sounds only manageable as long as each VM has only one policy assigned to it which I can re-apply in bulk. A more advanced setup  would be quite complex to handle :/


    FYI, I created a feature request for this  (Case # 00105685) as I found additional gotchas without SPBM support.

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