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VRA Status of 0

  • Hi,


    when i pull back the VRA status i get a status of 0 however i cannot find a list of what this resolves to

    for example:

    0 = good





    Hopefully its just me being a little stupid

    Hi Chris,

    Not at all!  A status of 0 means simply the VRA is installed.  Here is a list of all the possible VRA status:

    0  “Installed”,
    1  “UnsupportedEsxVersion”,
    2  “NotInstalled”,
    3  “Installing”,
    4  “Removing”,
    5  “InstallationError”,
    6  “HostPasswordChanged”,
    7  “UpdatingIpSettings”,
    8  “DuringChangeHost”,
    9  “HostInMaintenanceMode”

    Take care!

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