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VpgSettings with identifier does not exist

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    I’m able to retrieve vpgs and vms but when I attempt a REST request to retrieve vpgsettings using: https://zvm_ip:port/v1/vpgSettings/{vpgSettingsIdentifier}
    I get the response:
    “Message”:”VpgSettings with identifier <vpgid> does not exist”


    I think you have to copy the VPG to a VPG settings before you can retrieve it (kinda the equivalent of clicking the Edit VPG button)

    $baseURL = "https://" + $ZertoServer + ":"+$ZertoPort+"/v1/"
    $TypeJSON = "application/json"
    $FullURL = $baseURL + "vpgSettings"
    $VpgHash = @{}
    $VpgHash.Add("VpgIdentifier", $ZertoVpgIdentifier )
    $VpgHashJson = $VpgHash | ConvertTo-Json
    $Result = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $FullURL -TimeoutSec 100 `
    -Headers $ZertoToken -ContentType $TypeJSON -Body $VpgHashJson -Method Post

    My ZertoModule does it via:

    Set-Item ENV:ZertoServer "il1zerto.test.com"
    Set-Item ENV:ZertoPort "9669"
    #This is a hash, not json convertable
    #Set-Item ENV:ZertoToken (Get-ZertoAuthToken -ZertoUser nuveen\ep_lewish)
    Set-ZertoAuthToken -ZertoUser test\Account
    Convert-ZertoVPGToVPGSetting (Get-ZertoVPGID -VPGName 'fred')

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