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VPG Failovers to VMware Clusters

  • Hi All,

    Just a quick question hopefully…..been using Zerto for a while now and just wanted a firm answer to this…..

    If we have 20 VM’s we want in a VPG, do we set the recovery host to a single host within the recover VMware cluster or set it as the recovery VMware Cluster.  I ask this, as recently we performed a Failover Test and all 20 servers tried to power on the same host which as caused issues with storage & recovery SLA.

    My view is to point to the VMware Cluster not a Host within the VMware cluster, however I asked this question to support over a year ago and they informed me there is no difference…..Does Zerto respect DRS when trying to power on VM’s within a VMware cluster? I can’t find anything in the Administration guide in regards to this….

    Please Help!




    When selecting a cluster for a recovery host Zerto selects any host inside the cluster randomly, we can’t control on which host it will reside. The decision is not based on workload balancing, just a random selection. Hope you find this helpful, thank you.



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