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VPG Failovers to VMware Clusters

  • Hi All,

    Just a quick question hopefully…..been using Zerto for a while now and just wanted a firm answer to this…..

    If we have 20 VM’s we want in a VPG, do we set the recovery host to a single host within the recover VMware cluster or set it as the recovery VMware Cluster.  I ask this, as recently we performed a Failover Test and all 20 servers tried to power on the same host which as caused issues with storage & recovery SLA.

    My view is to point to the VMware Cluster not a Host within the VMware cluster, however I asked this question to support over a year ago and they informed me there is no difference…..Does Zerto respect DRS when trying to power on VM’s within a VMware cluster? I can’t find anything in the Administration guide in regards to this….

    Please Help!




    When selecting a cluster for a recovery host Zerto selects any host inside the cluster randomly, we can’t control on which host it will reside. The decision is not based on workload balancing, just a random selection. Hope you find this helpful, thank you.



    @Joseph, that selection is made by Zerto when the VPG is created or adjusted.
    During failover it uses the same target host unfortunately, instead of the clustername.

    The issue Jig P is describing is what we can relate to. In case of DR we have dozens over a hundred VMs that needs to have a failover.
    Having it startup targeted at just 1 or 2 esx hosts because it was configured initially, the limited ESX hosts cannot handle the load of starting up all the VMS.

    I think it would be helpful if the VMWARE clustername is still selected (or be able to select) during failover.
    This is the moment it should decide (randomly but evenly divided) which hosts to start the VMs.
    Afterwards VMware will take over to load balance the VMs.

    Is there a feature planned for this? Failover to VMWARE cluster, instead of a specific host.


    Any updates on this?

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