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VMware permissions not replicated

  • We are protecting a VM that has some explicit VMware permissions applied to it tha allow the administrators of the VM access to it.  These permissions are not being replicated to the recovery site. When we test the failover, the owner of the VM no longer has access though vSphere.

    Has anyone else seen this issue?  Is there a workaround?

    Zerto 4.5 update3

    vSphere Clicent 5.5



    Zerto does not replicate all of the meta data that a VMware has associated with it. Instead we replicate the critical information that is needed in order for the remote vcenter to bring the VMware online.

    you can however create a failover script that can use powercli to reads the needed permissions after a failover


    if you want to submit a feature request you can do so my logging into my Zerto and using the feature request button.



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