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  • Please could you advise how I move the storage for a ZVRA to a different datastore in VMWare, can I just storage vMotion or will this break replication?

    Hi there,

    Brian from Zerto here.

    You can go ahead an create an SvMotion in VC, Zerto should catch the change and update the VPGs accordingly.

    In Zerto GUI: If you wish to change the recovery/journal datastore (Volume location), please edit the VPG accordingly:

    Edit VPG -> Replication Tab -> VM settings -> Change Recovery Datastore and/or Journal Datastore -> This should create an SvMotion in VC.

    Let us know if this was helpful.



    Bar from Zerto here,
    a Simple svMotion task will not break replication and should provide your needs, Just make sure that the host is exposed to the new Datastore.


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