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Viewing IPv4 Details of a Protected VM

  • Is there a way for the API to return network details for protected VMs? Specifically I want to see information on whether or not the IPv4 address is DHCP or statically assigned for the failover and failover test networks, and if statically assigned, what the address is. I’ve looked on the swagger page and nothing seems to stand out in terms of the JSON returned.

    ZertoAPIWrapper has a command “Export-ZertoVmNicSetting” which exports all the protected VMs and their configured NIC settings, including DHCP or Static information.



    Bingo. I had looked at the API wrapper, but was looking all over the set of Get-Zerto* commands. Thanks for the heads up! Wish it could return the data in the shell instead of CSV though. Would be easier to use and manipulate.

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