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Version Table for Update build numbers

  • Has anyone been able to find a table or document somewhere that lists the version name and the build number?

    for example, I am on Build 0850082270. Is there some way to determine if this is 8.5 U1/U2/U3?

    Hello Matt,


    In the ZVM GUI, go to the 3 bars in the top right corner and select about. This will provide your Zerto Version, Update and build. I hope you find this helpful.


    Thank you,


    The process you described shows you the build number within Zerto–it does not show you the full version and update number.  Is there some reference table in Zerto documentation that correlates build numbers to version updates?



    When selecting about you will see the following as I am looking in my 9.0 lab:


    Version Information


    Version 9.0 build 0900092254


    I hope this is helpful, thank you.




    Please use this guide to detect the build number:

    How to detect the ZVM version build number

    Is there really not a build number to version table/matrix publicly available?

    Let me ask this another way, I have ZVM installer for, what version is that for? How would I look that up before installing and going to About within the ZVM webui?



    I know how to find the version/build number. But that doesn’t say if it’s U1/U2 etc.

    When we open a support request, it asks for the “U” number and as far as I can tell, there is no way to correlate the version/build number to a “U” number.



    We need the equivalent of this. Make it happen.



    I second this. It’s completely absurd that something like a Compatibility Matrix shows only a patch level that cannot be cross-referenced to the build number that is shown in the software.


    It’s also extremely frustrating and disappointing that the answers from Zerto support in this thread completely miss the actual question by the OP. Instead, they keep referencing how to find your build number, which the OP clearly already stated in the first question.

    I have the same problem. Its any place to check the info of Patch? I want to know if my zerto version is 9.0 4 P1

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