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vCloud 8

  • Hello

    Now that vCloud Director 8 has been released, will Zerto be supporting is for service providers using it with Zerto to provide DRaaS?  If so, is running vCD8 with vSphere 6 underneath supported?


    Engineer at vCloud Service Provider

    Zerto’s official stance is that we will support releases within 90 days of their release date. With that said I have not heard an official date for VCD8, but I’ll check with one of the Cloud SE’s and see what I can find out for you.


    Stay Tuned.

    VCD 8 was out last week (9th or 10th of September I think) so we should expect support around mid-December then?


    Engineer at vCloud Service Provider

    We started supporting 6.0 update 1 last week… about 1 week after it was released. I have seen internal communications that support for VCD 8 will be this week, but I will update this thread once it is officially supported.

    Hi Justin

    Any further news on the vCloud Director 8 support?



    Engineer at vCloud Service Provider

    Wanted to update you real quick. There we some issues on the VCD 8 site, so in the meantime we are not supporting it.

    As soon as this is updated, I will let you guys know.

    That’s good to know, thanks for the quick reply!


    Engineer at vCloud Service Provider

    Hi guys,

    I’m also inquiring about compatibility with vCloud 8. Is there updated documentation to reflect the compatibility for vcloud 8? I’m not finding installation documents dated past May 5th 2015.

    We are required by PCI compliance to run at a minimum level of 5.5 Update 3 and or vSphere 6 to remain compliant.

    Zerto at our current revision 3.5 Update 5 is not compatible with 5.5 Update 3.

    vCloud Director 5.6.4 is not compatible with vSphere 6.

    So we need to upgrade to vCloud 8, and were waiting for Zerto’s official support of that platform to upgrade as well as remain compliant. Can you guys provide some input or documentation or should I be able to find this in the latest v4 Update3 documentation?




    I logged into the support portal and was able to look for latest documentation, and found the info! Please disregard 🙂



    Are you saying that its no longer officially supported as the support documents say? This is kind of a major piece of information as VCD8 is on our upgrade path.

    lemme know!


    Will you actually be going to vCD 8, or will you be going to vCD 8.1?

    vCD 8.0 has been available since Sept of last year, and the expectation is that they will release an update around the 6-month point which would put it sometime this quarter or early next quarter, and we do plan to support vCD 8.1.

    Well I mean, if you’re saying v8 isn’t supported then I don’t have a choice am I right? I’m just making sure everything is going to work together before we pull the trigger.

    We’re currently still on 5.6.4 for service providers, and have to make sure vsphere, vshield manager, zerto, AMPQ services, and VCD all work with each other.

    I don’t know when we’ll pull the trigger, but if you’re telling me that support for v8 is not working then we’d have to puch back to 8.1. We’re a service provider so we can’t move to something that isn’t supported etc.


    thanks all


    Just to give a bit more info, we identified multiple bugs in vCD v8 itself after release which we need VMware to resolve before we can support this specific version. The first opportunity for these to be resolved will be vCD 8.1, which we will re-test for compatibility.

    Until then I agree that you shouldn’t plan on upgrading, and I’d also recommend not upgrading vCD at all unless there are very specific reasons/benefits to do so given the huge complexity of vCD itself. Thanks,


    Just wanted to refresh this post as see if there is any further info about vCD 8.1 compatability?

    Just a guy doing backups and DR in Dublin, Ireland :)

    Hey Guys,


    We need an update on this, and hoepfully something Zerto can stand behind. There are multiple products that VMware is planning to end of life, thus forcing our hand to some flavor of version 8. We can’t knowingly upgrade VCD to a version that isn’t supported or has issues with Zerto, so we’re at an impass here.

    Can you give us the latest on which version of VCD 8 is recommended to run to have the least amount of issues?

    Thanks much

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