vCenter Migration & Zerto

  • We are moving from a vCenter 5.1 linked-mode instance to two separate vCenter 6 instances. We also have Zerto 4.5 Update running in the 5.1 instance replicating 25 VMs. Is there a supported method to “reconfigure” Zerto once we move the vSphere hosts into the vCenter 6 instances?

    So the easiest thing for Zerto is to always preserve and use the same vCenter database. In your case, it’s obvious that you cannot do that, as you are splitting vCenter into 2 new servers, each using a new, fresh DB. Please correct me if I’m wrong in any of that.

    Given that scenario, I believe your process will look like the following:

    1) Export your VPG settings prior to starting anything

    2) Once your hosts and VM’s are moved to your new vCenter, run the reconfigure utility on the Zerto ZVM machine to connect Zerto to the new source vCenter server.

    3) Perform the same reconfiguration on your target side ZVM so it connects to the new target vCenter server. This should give you full ZVM to ZVM connectivity between the new vCenter servers.

    4) Import your VPG configuration. Because you are changing vCenter servers entirely, this export file might need some massaging to ensure the source/target is correct as well as using the existing files for seed files. Honestly when I’ve done similar operations in the past, I’ve rebuild the VPGs by hand, using the export file as a reference. It took me longer, but I liked that I could verify every setting again, something I hadn’t done since deployment. Certainly that’s not for everyone.

    I would suggest running this scenario past the Zerto tech support team. See what they have to say and if they can give you a strawman sketch on how to do this.

    Hope that helps.

    I believe the process will be something along those lines

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