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Upgrading VMware tools on Zerto VRA's

  • Submitted on behalf of – Eric v:

    Because of Skyline advisory we would like to upgrade our Zerto VRA’s to use the latest VMware tools version.
    We know the advice from Zerto about leaving the vra’s as it is, but this is not good enough for our policy.

    Is there any update regarding upgrading vmware tools in the VRA’s?
    Do you support it?


    I would like to have an answer instead of copying my support case to a public forum…

    Hello Eric,

    Upgrading the VRAs VMware tools is not needed and not recommended. The VRAs OVF comes with a VMware tools version which is constantly tested with its components if such a change is needed it will come in the form of a VRA upgrade from within Zerto and will be pushed with a new minor version.
    If the VMware tools are upgraded on the VRA, Zerto can not guarantee proper functionality.


    We have Zerto 7.0 Update 2 running on VMWare ESX 6.7 Update 2 ( and one host on update 3 ) , but the VRAs have vmtools 9344 which is the vmtools for ESX 5.5. . . Can more resources be applied to veting out newer versions of vm tools that come out with the ESXi updates ?

    Hello Joseph,

    We are continuously working on product improvements and additional features.
    I advise you will contact your AM in order to get an update regarding when a specific feature will be supported.
    If you would like, you can always submit a feature request.
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