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Upgrade VRAs manually or automatic?

  • We’re looking at upgrading from 6.5 to 7.0U3.  Our protected environment is ESXi 6.5 and the DR site is ESXi 6.7.  Both are running vSphere 6.5.  I see that during the upgrade you have the option of upgrading the VRAs either manually, after the ZVM upgrade, or automatically during the upgrade.  I was wondering which method is best practice.

    Hi Matt,

    Either method is supported and I’m not sure we have a best practice as such

    There are pros for doing it each way

    Manual – you can manually move recovery workload around to minimize impact of the VRA upgrading – this is more time consuming and more manual effort to complete.

    Automatic – this will save you a lot of time and then Zerto will catch back up after each VRA has completed its upgrade

    I Normally go with Automatic as its quicker and the maintenance window for Zerto is therefor overall lower



    Thank you, Chris.


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