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upgrade vCenter 5.5 to 6.0

  • hi guys

    I have several datacenters 7 in fact different physical locations and all of then in 5.5

    I need to upgrade from vCenter appliance 5.5 to 6.0, I’ve asked support but they are not sure if upgrading from 5.5 to 6.0 will broke all replication and I have to recreate from scratch

    they only send me these 2 links




    so basically my question:

    from you experience on a day to day basic has someone upgrade from 5.5 to 6.0? what happens? the replication only is down for the time vcenter upgrades or I need to reinstall ZVM and recreate VPGs

    thanks a lot


    Hi Carlos,

    Sorry for the delayed response. In addition to the KBs you noted, you can also follow along with the guide here.

    Basically, replication will continue during the process, but you will need to ensure you preserve the vCenter database as to not break the ZVR/vSphere relationship. So, during your upgrade, just ensure you are not overwriting the vCenter DB. Of course, I always recommend making sure you have all your backups completed and tested, and for good measure, take snapshots of your management VMs (and related DBs if needed) such as vCenter and ZVM.

    Hope this helps!


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    thanks a lot Harry,

    I got lucky and I have two servers that I am going to use to setup a lab so I will be installing vmware 5.5 —– migrate to 6.0 and I will let you know guys

    I am not sure if that checkbox option is available during upgrade so I am going to test in my lab




    Just wanted to add that I went through the upgrade process a few months back using the migration utility from VMWare. We moved from a windows based deployment with SQL to the VCSA with embedded, we had no issues with zerto replication during this process.


    just wanted to update

    I had VCSA 5.5 U1 – Linux based – I updated it using the wizard to 6.0 and even when a new VM – VCSA 6.0 – is created all the information is kept and the replication continued without a problem


    This is a follow-up for Brian S. I’m looking to do the same vCenter upgrade as you, v5.5 on Windows, using the migration tool to go to 6.0U2 on an appliance. It all looks good to me, but my question for you is, is your vCenter joined to a domain? If yes, how did the migration handle the domain membership of the new vCenter appliance? I assume you used the same name as your 5.5 vcenter so Zerto would continue to function. Did the migration tool reset the computer object for you? How did this work? Thanks.

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