Upgrade of ZVM OS platform from 2k12r2 to 2k19

  • Need to upgrade OS platforms of three ZVMs from Server 2012r2 to Server 2019.

    KB000001005 – migrating between ZVM servers.
    This method requires all the VRAs to be uninstalled/reinstalled. This would leave my Zerto infrastructure unprotected for an unacceptable length of time while reinstalling well over 100 VRAs. Plus having to edit/cut/paste between the ExportedSettings files seems a little risky. Bottom line, not comfortable with the procedure outlined in KB000001005.

    KB000001269 – Upgrading guest OS of the ZVM VM machine
    This method describes performing an in-place upgrade of the OS.

    I would like to confirm per KB000001269 that an in place upgrade of the OS from 2k12r2 to 2k19 is approved/supported by Zerto tech support. If in place upgrade is approved, is it advisable/safe to stop ZVM services before starting said in place OS upgrade?

    Your thoughts and input would be greatly appreciated.


    Per Zerto’s Interoperability Matrix, all versions of ZVR are compatible with Windows Server 2019.

    Please note that the use case for the first KB you mentioned, ‘Migrating Between ZVM Servers’, is not the one you are describing of your environment. Thus, per KB000001269, an in-place upgrade to Windows Server 2019 is supported, under the two following caveats:

    • New checkpoints will not be generated during the upgrade
    • Recovery operations will not be possible while the upgrade is running

    As stated in the KB, it is our recommendation that you increase the length of Journal History such that it covers the length of the upgrade.

    I hope this answers your question. Please feel free to ask if you have any other questions.

    Best regards,


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