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Unable to assign vCD Cloud Resources – ZCM

  • Hi,

    In my Datacenter I have a ZVM/ZCM linked to vCloud Director. This environment is to be used to onboard customers into our cloud.

    I have 3 VRAs installed at the moment, they show green and connected. In Cloud Settings, vCDHos ticked, and I didn’t see any error when I configured the IP and the user. Same goes for AMQP.

    However, when I create an Organization in the ZCM, the “vCD Cloud Resources” tab is grayed out, so I can’t assign resources to it, neither deploy the ZCC.

    Any thought on what could I check?

    Thanks in advance.


    Forgot to add. I’m using 5u3. vCenter 6U3b, and vCloud 8.10


    Forgot to add ZVM in “Sites” tab in ZCM.


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