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Ubuntu 14 and 16 Hyper-v to VCD

  • Hi, we have an issue with Ubuntu VM v 14 and 16  (hyper-v –> VCD).   When they failover to vcloud the Network is not mapped to vapps and the nic show not connected.  For all other OS its work fine (windows,centos/ubuntu 18 and 20).  What is weird the re-ip work when we do it manually in the cloud director portal… Also the re-ip work if we replicate to vcenter instead of VCD.  Is there any issue with ubuntu 14 and 16? or any special setting need to be apply in tweaks.txt?

    According to experts Hyper V contain two different generations of a virtual machine for its operation. It is generated for https://www.careersbooster.com/our-services/it-resume-writing-services/ window family of the operating system.

    Hi Samuel,

    i would open a support case to get this specific issue looked into



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